Celebrating Excellence - Recap of SAF Awards Night 2023

The elegant DoubleTree by Hilton in Weerawila set the stage for a night of star-studded recognition on February 2, 2024, as the SAF Awards Night 2023 unfolded. Sponsored by Lesaffre, this grand event aimed to honour and reward outstanding achievements in the realm of yeast products throughout the year 2023.

The atmosphere at the DoubleTree by Hilton was charged with excitement and anticipation as excellence met recognition in four key categories, each representing a crucial facet of the yeast product domain.

Re-distribution Sale of Yeast:

The expertise in efficiently distributing yeast took centre stage, acknowledging the efforts of individuals and companies that ensured this essential ingredient reached every corner. Mr Nalaka Perera claimed the top spot, followed by Mr Bandula Senevirathna from YAKKALA, and Mr Nishantha Pushpakumara secured the third position. Noteworthy mentions go to Mr G. Selvanilojan, Mr Mohamed Kaleel, and Mr Harsha Bandara for securing the subsequent places.

Overall Sale of Yeast:

The heart of the competition recognized top performers in the overall sales of yeast, emphasizing market dominance and consumer preference. Mr Aravinda Sanjaya Bandara took the lead, followed by Mr Palitha Rathnayaka in the second position, and Mr Wasantha Kumara secured the third.

Area Sales Managers:

Leaders orchestrating success at the ground level were celebrated in this category. Nanadana Dissanayaka claimed the first place, with Mahinda Nanayakkara and Sudarshan Vinoth both securing the second place.

The Phoenix Awards:

Symbolizing resilience and innovation, the Phoenix Awards honoured those who rose from challenges. Mr. Aravinda Sanjaya Bandara emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional creativity and adaptability in the dynamic yeast market.

Special recognition was extended to the technical team for their invaluable support to the sales team, emphasizing the collaborative effort behind the scenes.

The SAF Awards Night 2023, a testament to the dedication, hard work, and innovation in the yeast industry, concluded with Lesaffre, the yeast supplier, standing as a proud sponsor. Their support not only contributed to the grandeur of the event but also underscored the importance of collaboration in the yeast industry. As the evening unfolded, it marked not only the recognition of past achievements but also set the stage for another year of excellence and growth in the world of yeast products.